Education, Arts and Therapy

Proyecto Nagual combines educational methodologies, artistic tools and therapeutic frameworks to work with social groups and professionals

Personal development and Social change

We work with a pyschosocial framework, taking into account the social conditions and the personal cappabilities


Using social sciences, narrative techniques and and awareness to realized who we are

Self-care and care of others

Integrating differents approaches to trauma, self regulation and corregulation

Inclusion and diversity

Providing safe spaces to experience social bonding, building community life and sharing vulnerability


Learning from nature through contemplation, ceremonies and rituals, setting time and space for acting counsciously and respectfully in relation with our social and physical enviroment


Offering artistic techniques and tools and fostering presence and spontaneity to enhance our creative moods and attitudes for us to act in relation with being.


Practicing meditation and counscious movement for emboding the experience and living mindfully.

The work

The frame

  • Professional training
  • Personal development retreat
  • Creative laboratory

The methodology

  • Experiential learning
  • Group dynamics
  • Nature, embodiment and mindfulness

«- Si el tonal es todo cuanto conocemos de nosotros mismos y de nuestro mundo, ¿qué es entonces el nagual?

-El nagual es la parte de nosotros mismos con la cual nunca tratamos».